Secretary Treasurer

Carl  Sanders 


My wife, Kari and I own and operate a ranch in north-eastern Fall River County.  Our three kids are sixth generation in the county.  Megan 16, Kyle 14 and Ray 11 are a HUGE part of the operation.  We are mainly a cow-calf operation, with a handful of yearlings.  We also grow irrigated alfalfa and corn, where we get water through the Angostura Irrigation District. A little over half the cows summer on deeded ground and the rest summer on a Forest Service Grasslands permit.  The mature cows winter until calving on native creek bottoms, the young cows winter on crop residue.  I am a past president of the Black Hills Affiliate for SDCA and past Western Region VP.  I have served as a board member and past president of Angostura Irrigation District and currently appointed as treasurer.  I am also a director through SDCA on the South Dakota Beef Industry Council.  We are members of Prairie View UMC and have served as chairman for the board of trustees.